Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

So maybe this will turn into a politically-oriented blog, after all... For what it's worth, here are my thoughts on days one and two of the DNC (because I have actually watched about 75% of CNN's six hours of daily coverage). I am both lame and love politics.

Day One:
* I'm taking bets on how much weight Howard Dean lost... comment if you want in
* I was not looking to be impressed by Michelle Obama's speech, but I really liked it (and she looked beautiful). It didn't move me to tears or anything (that was Ted Kennedy), but I appreciated the approach of letting the voters know who the Obama family is. I think it is a message that needs to get out. I've heard so many voters say that they voted for W (at least the first time) because they felt like they could sit down and have a beer with him. While I might completely disagree with this philosophy on choosing the leader of the free world, I do see why its important to vote for someone you find accessible. While I have no problem, and in fact prefer, to elect someone who I think is superior to me, I get that most people don't want to feel like they're being talked down to. I'm sure Barry drinks beer, too, not just Starbucks.
* Ted Kennedy is, still, just really freaking great. I cried a little bit. And I LOVED that the band played, "Still the One," as he was exiting the stage.
* I'm annoyed that only 14% of the DNC delegates is under age 36.
* Something about Candy Crowley irritates me. I can't put my finger on it.
* CNN tricked me into going to CNNPolitics.com to see Nancy Pelosi's speech. Very clever...
* Joe Biden says his wife is "hot." After that remark, he also mentioned that she has many advanced degrees. Good save, Joe! But, really, I'd be fine with someone brilliant calling me hot. Or calling me at all, actually... Ha.
* CNN: thanks for reminding me that there are "musical interludes" between speakers. Very effective use of chyron.
* James Carvell is hysterical. He was fiery mad that there wasn't any "red meat" in Day One. He wants some McCain-bashing and he wants some NOW!

Day Two:
* Why is CNN showing the same facts in the chyron tonight as they did last night?
* I love Barbara Boxer, and I love that she loves the environment!
* Rudy Giuliani? WTF? He's got pals at the DNC. Um, alright...
* Is it just me or does Campbell Brown have a bit of a lisp?
* Mark Warner... meh. Pretty bland, with the exception of his "maybe next year we will have an administration that believes in science" comment, which actually made me laugh out loud.
* Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer is fantastic. Enough "red meat" for you, Carvell?
* Who puts Hillary Clinton in these awful, unflattering colors?! Wardrobe aside, I was thrilled with Hillary's speech. I think she did exactly what she needed to do to unite the party and bring her supporters to stand behind Obama/Biden. She was full of energy and really hit her own messages, like universal healthcare, home. And LOVED the Twin Cities joke. Rock on, Hillary, rock on.

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