Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nothing works.

I have an ever-growing list of things that don't work. Hotmail (especially today) being at the top of my list. Items behind that include: realtors, my alarm clock, my work computer, flash drives, attracting bloggers' attention (they hate publicists, and really, who can blame them), my tastebuds and anti-humidity hair products.

And despite any effort I've made, all of these things continue to frustrate me.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Mother of Two by 31?

I was asked yesterday if I thought I might be a mother of two by age 31. I, of course, can only speculate here, since its my 26th birthday around the corner, not my 30th, but I'm going to say no. For two reasons... 1. While I really like children, at (nearly) 26, I can still barely nourish myself properly. I might be okay for the first few months with breastfeeding, but when I have to choose between organic carrots and pizza-like substances in a jar, I'll probably be lost.

And 2. If I actually did have children in the next five years, I would only have one (unless, of course, the goddess of twins blesses me, which I should probably just count on). I believe that, for myself, children should never outnumber parents. So two is really pushing it.

But since I work in children's media for 90% of my day, I often think about the raising of my own. Last week, I spent several hours per day researching the phenomenon of mommy blogging. And I phenomenom that I find, by the way, utterly fantastic. Some of these women whose blogs I stumbled upon are insanely cool. I want to be them. Minus, of course, the challenges they must face in properly nourishing their children.

Also on the parenting/adulthood note, I watched the premiere of Tell Me You Love Me on HBO last night. I found myself wondering a few things... is this porn? Are they trying to capture only the dull elements of coupledom? Which of these three couples are living my life? I'll give it another chance, but episode one get a "not compelling enough for a series" rating.