Saturday, August 23, 2008

I don't want a "Yes" Man

This morning's announcement was the first time I've been actually happy in weeks. Which, is really pretty pathetic, since this news only marginally affects my daily life -- but given what's actually gone down in my daily life these last few weeks, my happiness has to come from somewhere. I'll be taking a happy and hopeful moment where I can get it -- might as well be from the Obama/Biden ticket.

I was so excited, I nearly cried. Okay, fine... I did tear up a little bit. The first thing I did this morning after reading the details on, was head to my TiVo and set CNN to record Monday through Thursday, 6pm to midnight. I was probably going to catch as much of the Democratic National Convention as I could anyway, but Biden made me clear my TiVo of all but four episodes of Grey's. That's something.

I don't really have any plans to go all political on this blog, since I don't feel qualified to speak to what isn't much more than a college minor and a strong personal interest in politics in my part (can't get through the week without the Sunday morning shows, though), so I'll keep this relatively brief. I've had a big thing for Joe Biden for years now. My first real memory of liking him was when he was a guest on Meet the Press shortly following the 2004 elections. It was a strange time for any Dem, and I listened to what he had to say. I said aloud, "this guy's really smart. He should be president." And even though he left the race for president early this year, I held out hope for him as a VP pick. I value his experience, his attitude, his opinions. I like that he often meets a question with wit first, and then buckles down and goes for brilliant. I dig him -- actually, I may have never felt so passionately about a politician before -- and I'm truly excited and hopeful that he's on the ticket.

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