Thursday, January 24, 2008

my nervous twitch: shopping

Today, because of goings-on at work, through me into a nervous tailspin. My first instinct when I feel nervous/otherwise unstable? Straight to the online shopping.

I'm the epitome of the emotional shopper. Bad day + credit card = new sweater! Or a new throw for my couch... or new eyeshadow... or new pair of shoes... you get the idea.

After lunch with one of my work BFFs, I went straight for the west elm white sale online. Within ten minutes, I had an amethyst vase, two couch throws (I hadn't decided which I coveted most yet) and two designer storage bins in my shopping cart. And west elm takes Discover! And I almost did it. I almost caved into what I craved.

All of it's still sitting in my cart, with the screen minimized in my toolbar. Will she or won't she?

I realllllly want to. I could use the storage bins to cop a squat on my living room floor and finally sort through all of those pay stubs and important receipts that I have been avoiding for so long. And I feel like a throw on my couch in that green tea shade of green would really pull together the living room. And the vase is just pretty and on sale.

On the other get-out-of-debt-before-it-kills-you hand, I know none of these things fit nicely into that "needs" column. And that's supposed to be the ultimate credit card spending decision maker.

And that sucks.

Tune in tomorrow to see if I officially maxed out my Discover card...

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