Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008: the (borderline) obsession continues

Not gonna lie... I kinda thought I'd be pushing out some kids by now. When I was a youngin' growing up in a town where most moms of toddlers were in their mid-twenties, I thought, I'll probably have a kid by 25. And that was cool with me. I'm kind of awesome with kids and always wanted to have a few.

Now that I'm approaching my latter twenties and am childless (and unmarried, and broke...), I've come to appreciate the importance of children not outnumbering parents. They're cute and all, but tireless and I get pretty damn tired just living my own life (that more of a 56 year old, rather than the swinging 26 year old singles I see here).

Anyway, the biological clock isn't ticking, per se, but I'm aware that it will be before 30 rolls around. This is fueled, mostly, by the fact that I spend a large portion of my day searching for hip mommy blogs and sorting through oodles and oodles of adorable kiddie products like elephant-shaped humidifiers and cashmere baby blankets.

My favorites, though, are the ridiculously awesome onesies. I'm pretty sure that when my baby brother was a, well, baby, onesies came only in solids colors of the pastel hue. Ick.

Now, these exist:

And they are seriously cool. Probably not worth that whole birthing thing for just yet, but my kid will be stylin' when he/she does arrive.

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