Wednesday, January 23, 2008

financial f'ups that aren't my fault!

The Get Out of Debt train stalled yesterday when, on my regular payday, my company neglected to pay me. Actually, they neglected to pay everyone here who has direct deposit. So, since I had spent my last two dollars on a carton of milk the night before and didn't pack my lunch yesterday, I had to use my credit card to buy my lunch online from Supermac, therefore deflating both my no credit cards policy and my otherwise good weight loss. And no one else nearby takes Discover. Supermac, of course, had run out of salads before 2pm when I finally couldn't wait to eat any longer, so I had to eat a 9-piece Mac-n-cheese nugget lunch. Which, was, um, kind of seriously awesome. But the least healthy lunch ever. After about the seventh nugget, I felt too guilty and handled them over to the next person to walk into my office.

Thankfully, today I was both paid and remembered to pack a salad. Two cups of lettuce and a few grape tomatoes sure fills me up! What about you?

Of course, not getting paid yesterday was not my only financial woe... My bank also neglected to send my new order of checks to the proper address, so I am at high risk for identity theft. Sweet! I spent 45 minutes on the phone with a risk assessor yesterday who only further aggravated me by not fully explaining my options. Closing my account didn't seem reasonable to me when I still had over $300 in pending transactions. I always feel guilty for not being extremely polite to customer service people -- I know they didn't f'up my checks -- but sometimes you just gotta be stern. Eventually they agreed to do things my way. I felt like I should have asked for a lot more for their screw up, but I didn't want to push my luck. I'm no luck-pusher.

I also haven't cut up my cards yet. Yesterday, I was pretty glad I hadn't. But, I do need to get on that.


Sarah said...

I just read you info, I would never loose weight with a cold stone down the street, cake batter calls to me!

Steve said...

Gimmie your nuggets!

Isn't that a Fergie song?