Friday, January 2, 2009

Ashley, Now and Then

Inspired by the hot chick over at Regarding Mary, tonight is an excellent night to list some of things I love about me. Because today, was, let's say just a little difficult. Here goes:
  • my auburn hair and green eyes
  • a close relationship with my brother
  • competent writing skills
  • the ability to support myself (albeit barely sometimes)
  • my obnoxiously adorable laugh
  • the ability to be understanding and, generally, patient
  • my loyal, supportive, witty friends
  • my own loyalty, support and witty remarks to those friends
  • my bookshelf of everything from Cormac McCarthy to Harry Potter
  • coworkers who think I'm actually funny
  • a comfortable bed and yoga pants to come home to
  • the ability to open up to people, even if that's sometimes too much
  • a slightly better than average kisser (Ed. Note: I'm amending this to above average kisser, I was just being modest before...)
  • the good sense to usually wear comfortable shoes
  • enough general knowledge and open-mindedness to discuss politics with (most) others
  • a sweet tooth (or several)
  • knowing when to ask for help when I really need it
Better now.

1 comment:

Mary said...

ooh, yoga pants, good one. I love all those things about you, too! Well, I haven't experienced the kissing thing, but yay for you and whoever gets to kiss you!