Friday, September 10, 2010

So I hear you're depressed...?

One of the really great things about the internet is that it lends itself to a very open exchange of one's feelings. A subject that I would write about in my journal when I was fifteen, I now have the option of allowing others to read those thoughts via a blog. Sharing my journal with someone at fifteen would have been taboo. Now it's what people do, and I love that. And if I'm not comfortable enough with someone reading it, I won't write it. At least not here.

Obviously, I've written quite a bit about my episodes with depression, and I'm grateful to have had a place to go to feel heard when I needed to. But sometimes I don't want to be heard. Sometimes I want to disappear into the background. Sometimes I even want to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. As someone who has experience long and short episodes of deep depression, I know my triggers and can now recognize them before they take me out back and beat me over the head with a blunt object. Oh, and they can hit like a sonsofbitches.

BUT! Today my therapist gave me a nice piece of advice to combat one bad day's feelings before they become a monster.. Write down the things that you like about your life/job/relationship etc. on an index card and put it in your wallet/desk/etc. Then look at it when you're feeling less than good. Simple. Love.


Sara B said...

I have had a post-it note in my wallet for years that Dan wrote me. It says "don't be sad". Works like a charm.

Lazarus said...

I like your style, witty and incisive. Just came across your blog while dialing around. Noticed your reference to the new Wegman's near your hometown of Hershey. If you get a chance, check out my Ode to Wegman's ( I had about 150 Wegman's store managers read it (honest). I'm going to be a follower, stay cheery and keep up the good writing, you'll break through eventually! - Lazarus