Friday, May 21, 2010

I quit. And other life-changing things I've done lately.

Hey, guess what? I quit my job!

Now that that's out of the way...

I've been wanting to blog about my decision to leave my job basically since I decided to leave my job. A few weeks ago I walked into my boss' office, told him that I was thinking about moving, and that I would be leaving the company. And just like that I quit my job. In reality, it was quite possibly the least dramatic scene I played out in my head. My boss was supportive, albeit sad to be losing such a stellar employee. Naturally. And I'm sad, too. I've been at my agency for nearly three and a half years, and some of the people I've met here are very high on my favorite people ever list. My work isn't always pleasant - I interact with a lot of crazy people - but the people here are incredible. They're energetic and entertaining and engaging. I'd take a bullet for most of them.

There was no storming out in a tizzy. I had a rational conversation which resulted in my resignation. It was surprisingly easy. In the meantime, though, I'm working just as hard as I ever did here. I care about the people I'm leaving behind, so I want to leave my position in the best possible condition for them.

When the announcement was made in a staff meeting, a number of people asked where I was going. I'm not going anywhere (at least not yet). I've decided to take the summer and write. I hope people will pay me for it, but I don't know if they will. I don't know much right now, and I am anxious much of the time. In my head there are lovely visions of me getting up in the morning at a reasonable hour, walking to the YMCA for a swim, and then taking my laptop to the promenade to edit my novel and work on freelance projects to pay the bills. There's also a part where I watch Lost from beginning to end again. It's really very pleasant there in my head. I'm leaving reality for it.

What will happen? What will become of me? I see a Starbucks apron in my future. Which, honestly, is totally cool with me for the time being. I'm going through my pre-30th birthday change of life, and I will drink a lot of coffee while figuring out my next move. It may be across the country (what's up, Portland?), or down the street.

As an exceptionally anxious person, though, these last few weeks have been an extraordinarily difficult exercise in making a decision, and more importantly, making peace with it. If it turns out that this is a big fat life fail, then at least I know. I have plenty of blankets that I can cover my head and hide under.


Auggie said...

You go girl! Let the anxiety spur you on.

Joe Huber said...

Hi Ashley. Wow, gutsy move on your part. It takes true strength to stand for what you believe in. I saw your name on Twitter and am considering blogging on blogger (you can never have enough media to build an audience). I currently have wordpress but want to try blogger as well. So are you through with the PR business for good?

Us struggling writers from PA need to stick together lol How many of us are there anyway? If you ever need a job reference you can count on me. In the short time I got to know you, you've been kind, caring and very helpful and I'll remember that. Can't have enough good people in the world like you. Thanks for all your help and feel free to stay in touch. I wish you the best of luck on your next job :-)

Joe Huber

just another Belle said...

hello quarter life crisis! lol. I linked to your blog from one of my readers. good luck with your writing this summer!