Friday, August 21, 2009

Re-Intro to the WW

Wednesday, August 12, 2009: 3:12pm

I've been on Weight Watchers before. The second time, in early 2008, I lost 25 pounds in just over four months. I was elated. Even more elated that, a year and a half later, I've kept off almost 20 of those pounds.

The first time, we don't talk about. It involved starving myself, while unemployed, and then GAINING a pound the first week. I GAINED WEIGHT BY EATING GRAPES. "Your body is just adjusting to eating less..." Blah, blah, blah. I sobbed on my bed and told my then-boyfriend I was never, ever going back. I did, but it still didn't work for me. Perhaps because I lived down the street from a Coldstone? I don't know.

But now, here I am: still 20 pounds lighter than I was in early 2008, but also still a fat-ass. Contrary to popular belief, once you go les and settle down, you do not have to put on forty pounds eating ice cream in bed while watching chick flicks. I refuse to get too comfortable. Not just for my girlfriend - although I'm certain, even if she wouldn't say it, she would find me sexier minus the gigantic thighs - but for me. I can choose not to be a fat-ass. So I am.

Today marks my second full, no-more-practicing day on the WW. I pee constantly. If you don't want to hear me say things like that, then it's probably best you just pass by this blog. Again, the peeing. So, yes, I spent about one-quarter of my day in the bathroom. And, honestly, our office bathrooms aren't really nice enough to spend so much time there. My rubbermaid water bottle and I will be BFF for the duration of this endeavor.

And, needless to say (but I will anyway), I'm rather hungry. The taco salad I brought for lunch, while only being three points, was filling for about three minutes. Then I moved onto my grapes. Nom nom nom.

About ten minutes ago, I went to the vending machine and bought some pretzels because they seemed like the most reasonable option. And, they probably were. But THREE points?! Gimme a break. I got, like, A pretzel. I know, I know... must plan ahead. Must drink more water (and pee more).

I'd like my gigantic plate of pasta now, please!


Steve said...

Should I not mention that I wrote 6 radio ads for Cold Stone Creamery last week -- plugging their NEW VALUE MENU FEATURING ONE DOLLAR ICE CREAM CONES?!?

But to make up for that, I'll share with you the secret of my current weight-loss success (9 pounds!) -- drink lots of MGD64. Not only does it fill you up, unlike other alcohol it somehow doesn't make you hungry. It's a miracle of modern watery-beer science.

You're welcome!

Sara said...

First of all, Hi. I just remembered you have a blog and added it to my Reader, so there you go.

Second, I feel the pain. I've been on WW (again) since May. I've lost six pounds. SIX. In 4 months. The sad thing is this is a mojor victory since I had done nothing but gain weight, no matter what I tried, for the past 2 years. Most of that 6 was in the last six weeks or so, so I think I'm finally getting it. After losing 35 pounds in college on WW, then gaining it all back plus 20 lbs (mostly since marriage - it DOES make you fat apparently) I was about ready to jump off a cliff. But I'm not, I'm eating grapes. And baby carrots.

So hang in there. You can do it.